Industrial sound level meters

Noise is a serious risk to the health of employees, because it is a harmful element to the hearing. Industrial sound level meters shows sound level in production premises. They are able to assess the situation of level noise. Noise monitoring is very important. It is use to ensure health and safety at work.

With a industrial sound level meters there is a possibility to:

mesuring to level the noise monitoring in the premises

assessment the acceptable noise level

show a simple content that show amount of decibels and information about dangerous for hearing

control it via wireless remote

choose from various sizes

possibility the integrate device with a computer application that shows the statistics of noise exceeding

How does the sound level meter work?

This device includes a sensitive microphone which mease the noise level in premises. Microprocessor convert the signal and show measurement result as incendiary symbols.
For the measurement were used ,,characteristic A” and that corresponds to the characteristics of the human ear.
In the case of moving the distance from the source of the noise possible to connect a measurement microphone. Assembly is very simple and it is based on hanging on a wall near souce of the noise as well as in a place where this device will be visible for interesants. Signifiance are presented below. Optional on the display we can put additional box with measurement result in decibels.

Display symbols

noise level substandard

noise level is coming to acceptable standard

noise level is equal or coming to notacceptable standard

Acceptable norm of noise is different for various environments. The focuses that is on the device allow to change acceptable norm noise level. In the basic version we offer two types of meters which have got the other graphic. It is possible to an order meter with the other graphic according customer’s.

Sound level meter with graphic dedicated to schools and kindergartens
Sound level meter with graphic dedicated to industrial companies
Sound level meter designed according customer’s request
Sample look
Sample use