Air quality monitors

This boards inform society about actual standard of air on the this one area. Air monitoring is very important, because it is positive reception citizens. Presenting this data allows for greater awareness as well as prompts to attention dangers for health or to improve about environment. This is the way that get closer to overcome smog and reduce emit carbon dioxide to atmosphere.

The main goal is to present actual assess quality of air by our signboards and prompts the attention of society on problem air pollution and sources of them and possibilities improve air quality by decrease emit pollution.

The boards allows presenting this parameters:

level of individual chemical compounds present in the atmosphere
descriptive information about the level of air pollution so it is indicate how level is noticeable (index air quality)
presentation of results concentration of the air pollutants
actual air quality assessment
additional meteorology data: speed and direction of wind, temperature of air, atmospheric pressure

Electronic LED boards works with professional measuring head communication can be wired or wireless over long distances.

Sample of our work
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